• "As a first-generation minority college student, the scholarship from FSU has enabled me to reach my academic goals, while ensuring that I’m financially stable."

  • "As a first generation student I feel that Florida State University has constantly supported me academically, economically, and emotionally through the rigorous journey of attending college. This scholarship significantly contributed to various expenses I had as a pre-medical student such as MCAT supplies, registering for the MCAT, and other housing expenses."

  • "The first generation scholarship allowed me to pursue my future dream career and turned the opportunity of becoming the first college graduate of my family, into a reality."

$25 Rebate*

Thank you for taking the first step!
In appreciation of your support, FSU provides a $25 Rebate* for first-time FSU license tag buyers as a way for us to say “thank you” for investing in the future of our students. Please send the copy of your registration to the FSU License Tag Coordinator within six months of your initial purchase to take advantage of
this opportunity.

Since its enactment in 1987, the FSU specialty license plate program has served as one of the avenues FSU alumni and friends who care about FSU give back. With the official school colors of garnet and gold, the tag is favored by all who care about FSU to show their school pride. The cost of the plate is $25 in addition to the state registration fees. Revenue from the sale of the specialty tag supports academic enhancement at FSU.

For a location closest to you, visit www.flhsmv.gov/offices/.

* does not include renewals

$1.9 million

More than $1.9 million in scholarships were awarded in 2018 as a result of Florida State license tag purchases. During 2018, FSU’s license tag program was ranked No.4 in the state. Reaching No.1 would support an even greater number of students.

By spending just $25 on the specialty-tag fee, you are directly supporting the educational development of all FSU students, from the main campus to the university’s regional programs throughout the state.

Funds generated from the purchase not only sustain the academic goals of deserving students, but also provide a prominent display of pride in FSU.