Out of State

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Florida State University license plates are also available in:

Florida State University license plates in certain states benefit the active Seminole clubs in those states. Some of those clubs make scholarships available to students in their area who plan to attend FSU.

Some Seminole clubs outside Florida are exploring the possibility of introducing the Florida State University (FSU) license plate in their respective states.

We appreciate and support these grassroots efforts. The requirement for introducing FSU specialty license tags varies from state to state and depends on individual state’s department of motor vehicle guidelines.

Recommendations to consider:

We recommend sponsoring Seminole clubs identify fundamental information from internal and external sources to bring their hard work to reality at an efficient and timely manner.

Prior to starting the process, identify a principal point of contact within the club, a clearly defined purpose, the objective and goal of the initiative, as well as an effective marketing strategy.

Contact the state agency responsible for approving license plates and identify a legislature who is willing to endorse the request. In addition, verify requirements related to design, minimum quantity and anticipated time to produce the plates.

If the effort is considered viable, submit a memorandum of understanding (MOU) highlighting the responsibilities of the club and requirements of the issuing agency to the FSU Alumni Association and University Communications for approval and support.

The approval will be based on the University’s brand review guidelines and is intended to provide consistency between the license plates in different states.

For more information, please contact the Seminole club in your state, the FSU Alumni Association or the FSU License plate coordinator at mytag@fsu.edu .